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Vintage Racing Parts Sale

The Backstretch Racing Crew will conduct an open house sale Friday, April 13 and Sat. April 14 at 401 SW 2nd, in Newton, Ks. The shop will be open from 9AM until 3PM daily. All items will be on display and marked for your purchase. The crew will be on hand. Some items to be sold are complete race cars, gear boxes, quick change rear ends, bell housings, tapered axels, wheels, tires, in & out boxes, torsion bars, welder, headers, fuel injection set up, brake rotors, 4 cly Chevy engines, mags, rotors/hubs, Honda 80 Bike, Weber Carbs, knock offs, plus much more. Questions, Call Bill at 316-641-0448

Ron Paul 2012

Every Saturday & Sunday the green Ford Ranger will be parked just east of 1st and Baer in McPherson, KS. Drop off those aluminum cans for Cans 4 Cash 4 Central Prairie Honor Flights


One the latest Central Prairie Honor flights to go To Washington, D.C.

Trace Adkins a spoke person for the Honor Flights.


A great little ballad to a great video.

Search for yourself at all the videos on YouTube

Central Prairie Honor Flights
I challenge you to give to a worth while cause before their all gone. Send them to Washington now.
Support the Central Prairie Honor Flights or the Honor Flight in your area now.

Here is a narrated video about the WWII Memorial WWII Memorial Video


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The videos and some great videos I'm sure you will enjoy the memories.



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The Randy Willingham Autobiography




Missouri Sprints Or Super Modifieds Including The Kansas City Area

Missouri Late Models, Stock Cars and Jalopies

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IMCA Glory Days

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Another old Guestbook

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